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The initial goal of this wiki was to serve as a personal notebook for my Arduino related projects, hence the name: Arduino Excursions. Over time, the wiki expanded to include other hobbies and projects. While the primary purpose continues to focus on my personal notes, I hope the information might be helpful to others who are pursuing similar projects. I welcome any comments or suggestions!

Featured Article

NXT Motor Shield Assembly Guide


POLAR bear 2 - Polyathlon Robot
POLAR bear - Line Following Robot
Lego NXT Servo Motor DemoBot Performs Figure 8
DemoBot Drive Around Detect Walls
DemoBot Acquire and Attack Target

NXT Motor Shield Assembly
Soldering Assistant
Arduino IDE Setup
Lego NXT Servo Motor controlled by ArduMoto Shield on Arduino Mega 2650
Parallax Ping and MaxSonarEZ1 sonar distance sensors
Pololu QTR-8A IR Reflectance Sensor
MaxSonar EZ1 eliminating spurious readings from electrical noise
Microbug Soldering Training
Refactoring Physical Layout
Creating Wiring Diagrams with Fritzing and Gimp
Shopping List
Robotics Lessons Learned
Robot Rally Checklist

Film, Animation, 3D

Jungle Temple
Blender Tutorial - Roots and Vines
Motion Graphics & Visual Effects project 2: Walk, Jump, Overlays
Motion Graphics & Visual Effects project 1: Logo Animation
Family Home Movie Trailer
Live Action Movie Project: Eagle Strike
Animated Segment: Bourne Supremacy inspired end credits
Animated Film: Hello World
Blender Smoke and Fire
Match Moving
MiniDV to Backup
Blender Benchmarking
LightWorks Alpha testing notes
Gimp Alpha Transparency


Set Design
Set Construction
Puppet Stage
Noah's Ark Puppet Show


Camping Checklist
Running Race Day Checklist


Linux Mint - misc.
Linux Desktop Recording

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