blender animation

some notes about trying to make animated pipes for bourne like credits

new project
select box, tab to edit mode
select some vertices
ctrl+h, hook to new object
tab back to object mode
a new empty has been added and hooked to the selected vertices
animate the empty


file, new
delete box
shift+A to add bezier curve
straighten curve into line
Scale Y axis to 0: S Y 0
for right vertex, Scale X axis to .5 to match other vertex: S X .5
extrude right vertex twice to get 4 vertices in a horizontal row
tab back to object mode
add curve circle
select first bezier curve,
bevel object circle
tabe to edit mode
for each vertex, select it, ctrl+h to hook to new empty
tab back to object mode
key frame animate the empties

Bourne end credit observations

about 4 seconds per credit
transitions from credit to credit are about 1 second


Have 4-6 long 'rooms' that can be reused
trails could travel between rooms
- reduces number of objects
- increases key frame complexity (interlocking)

Convert 3gp frames to jpg image files

ffmpeg -i /home/john/EagleStrike/VanExplosion/2012-01-14_14-31-38_278.3gp -f image2 foo-%03d.jpg

Retaining high quality when converting 3gp to foo…

Voodoo outputs an old python file that doesn't quite work with the new Blender. To make it work you need to open the .py file´╗┐ and replace all occurances of set_frame to frame_set. Then replace Matrix([ to Matrix(([. And add the extra ) at the end of the matrix line. Then it'll work. Or should work.
Good site for stock and reference video footage

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