blender smoke and fire

creating smoke and fire within Blender. Currently using 2.61.


Cheat sheet for basic smoke

add domain object
rename to smoke-domain-object
physics, smoke
check high resolution
dial up density to -0.00040, temp diff to 0.10100
free all bakes, bake all dynamics

add domain object material
Density 0
Density scale 4
Scattering 4

add cube to use as a flow object inside domain object (NOT a plane. plane doesn't seem to work right)
rename to smoke-emitter-object

Shadow from smoke on ground plane?
Enable shadow > receive transparency

Alt+A and let the animation loop through a couple of times to calculate smoke, position, etc…


Don't edit domain object vertices. Only scale size in object mode.
Expanding domain object seems to result in bigger smoke.

+How to Create Basic Fire With Blender 2.61

The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate how to create some basic fire effects using Blender 2.61. Key word here is "basic." This example is nowhere near what Blender is capable of doing; rather, it's a quick and easy way to get some basic fire that doesn't require hours to render or extensive pipeline processing.

Start Blender 2.61 and Load Factory Settings


By default, the default cube is selected. Delete by pressing "x"

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