Blender Tutorial - Roots and Vines

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Create a vine

Add a bezier curve

Create controls to affect the curve



Color the vine with a gradient (or ramp) texture

Create new material

Add new texture

Animate the vine

Animate the color

Animate the shape

Animate the position

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Blender 2.66a
Default scene

Add a bezier curve for vine itself
Add a bezier curve, hook, and bezier circle to control the shape of the first bezier curve
Create a texture

x to delete default cube

camera view 1, orthographic (num 1, num 5)
shift+A > add curve bezier g z 2 r x 90 enter g x 1

shorten handles of end point (tab, select end point, s .2)
extrude points along cubes
position points

squiggly line on boxes, rendering only shows the boxes

create control objects used to define the vine
shift+A > add curve bezier g z 2 r x 90 enter
tab to edit mode v vector
select left point, extrude z 2 enter
select same left point (now the lower left corner) ctrl+H, hook to new object
tab out to object mode, n for properties, name the item "MyTaper"

shift+A add curve circle
g z 4 enter r x 90 enter s .2 enter
name the item "MyBevel"

select original curve
curve properties
bevel object: MyBevel
taper object: MyTaper

grab hook, lock to x axis, move to adjust
demo x, z, and scaling of circle for different looks

add material, texture
color ramp
all color sliders to alpha 1

animated color ramps

animated pulsing

animated vines
- growing
- wiggling

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