Final Design and Quotes


Here are links to 3 versions of (what I believe) is the final selection. Each image is 3600x3600 (12"x12") at 300 DPI. I *think* this is good for T-shirt printing.

DevOpsDays-BluesBrothers-RC.gif is a white version of the Jake and Elwood (no hand) with white text "We're Putting The Band Back Together" on a transparent background.

DevOpsDays-BluesBrothers-RC.jpg is basically the same, but since jpg doesn't support transparency, the background was set to black.

DevOpsDays-BluesBrothers-RC.xcf is the original Gimp file used to generate the different variations. Anyone is welcome to download and tweak, or I'm happy to implement tweaks. I just didn't want to hoard the file.

Current Previous final design (still subject to vote AFAIK). Although these images were inspired by other images we found on the Internet, these pictures were created from scratch.






Original hand


Attempt at changing hand.


Perhaps a limited edition run? :-)


Probably not for the shirt, but I still believe it.

[ DevOpsDays-BluesBrothers.xcf Gimp file if you want to take a shot at the hand.]

"…make sure it's at 300 dpi at actual size…"
may need to set black background to an alpha channel, or use black pattern on white alpha and flip on the printer's site

size qty quoted
XS (used YL) 15
S 52
M 151
L 240
XL 174
XXL 90

Should probably order a few extra in each size.

provider cost each sub total ~delivery fee to zip code 94043 ~tax total ($USD) ~type of shirt ~notes $6.72 each $5,107.20 included included $5,107.20 Gildan Ultra Cotton T-Shirt Black fast and easy site $4.56 each $3,466.94 unclear. guess: free "none… except in CA" 8.25% guess: $286.02 $3,752.96 Black Gildan Cotton T-Shirt had to convert XS to S and XXXXL to XXXL $7.25 each $5,510.00 included included $5,510.00 Black Gildan Cotton T-Shirt had to convert XXXXL to XXXL $4.86 each $3,695.60 included (8.25%) $304.89 $4,000.49 Gildan Cotton T-Shirt Black had to convert XXXXL to XXXL. Can't quote w/ own pic, used clip-art in place for quoting. Okay site clunky crap site doesn't support large orders with multiple sizes

Some Proposed T-Shirt Designs (click for bigger view)


Shorts: Like a t-shirt, except for your ground arms.


Building on David's great idea! The Blues Brothers got a lot of +1's. Could add more text at the bottom for all presenters, sponsors, etc. to make it look like a movie poster.


"Dev and Ops: Together at last. Again." Not even a draft, but maybe we could build on the gears in brain logo. Could have gears for NoOps, SecOps, OpsOps…


These are characters from a movie titled "Ghostbusters"


Super colliders: Extremely bringing two things together. Text would be better and have some motion blur.


Related to rockstar and 3rd event themes. Color printing might drive up t-shirt cost.(?) Low res, but if you look close you'll see Kris and Patrick are living the dream! :-)

more ideas here

Feedback: too niche, but perhaps the look-and-feel could be adapted. Crisp designs often good for t-shirts.


Inspired by the TV show "Top Gear." Would probably need to add a little more… something. BTW: UK Top Gear is great. US Top Gear is crap on a cracker.


Something I made for Philip. I have no idea.

Your idea here!

Personal brainstorming for DevOpsDays 2012 in Mountain View

Movie Trailers, Videos


  • Queen
  • Beer
  • Race Cars
  • Top Gear
  • Fast food logos, slogans
  • Video Games
    • Grand Theft Auto III
    • Guitar Hero III
  • Star Wars
  • Star Trek
    • Star Trek III: The Wrath of Patrick
  • Doctor Who
  • David Hasselhoff
    • David + KITT = (KITT turbo boosting through a wall)
  • DevOpsDays: Zombie Apocalypse Proof
  • Pac Man teams up with Ghosts and they kick ass!
    • Ghost carry Pac Man over the maze

Rough Notes

LMFAO Party Rock Anthem

Gimp > new image > 600 x 600

font: Arial Black,
size: 134
char spacing: -20
scale horizontal to shrink some

font: Arial Bold
size: 140
char spacing: -20
BEFORE scaling…
change font to black
Path to text
add new layer under DEVOPS
select from path (shift+v)
select grow 3 pixels
fill with yellow bucket
lock 2 layers together
scale vertical

basically same as DEVOPS

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