Fritzing Post Processing

Fritzing is a great open source utility…

Sometimes, the Fritzing parts bins don't include the parts needed for my diagrams. So, I start in Fritzing, export as PNG, then merge other image files via gimp.

Open Fritzing exported PNG file in Gimp.

Layer > New Layer > "White"
Drag new layer underneath Fritzing diagram PNG layer
File > Open as Layers > Open the component picture file
This new layer with the component pic should be in the middle: over the white, under the Fritzing digaram

Switch focus to Fritzing Layer
Layer > Transparency > Color to Alpha > Leave default (or select) white as the color to use for transparency

Switch to imported component picture layer
Switch to object grab/move tool
Position, scale, adjust, etc… hold Ctrl while scaling to maintain aspect ratio

Use box selection to crop desired image.
Ctrl+Shift+C (copy visible area -not just a single layer)
Ctrl+Shift+V (paste as new image)

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