Organizing Files

I have a lot of personal computer files and related content spread across multiple locations.

  • email messages
  • pictures
  • final movies
  • unedited family videos
  • project files
  • music
  • scratch notes
  • blog entries
  • wiki entries
  • old sites (fire bellied toad world, 3D Clarity)
  • kee passs file(s)

Some stuff I want backed up forever.
Some stuff I want to share with only friends and family, while some stuff can be shared with the world.

Other family members also have files.

family videos
Exercise accessibility
across personal computers

Sharing with family likely to occur over traditional channels; YouTube, FaceBook, etc…

Sharing with world likely to occur over traditional channels; YouTube, Twitter, WikiDot, Blogspot

Ubuntu One
SpiderOak - going to try this one

If I were to setup a single file hierarchy

  • $HOME/
    • projects/
      • robotics
      • movies
      • running
      • blender
      • tutorials
    • pictures/
      • YYYYMMDD
      • ….
    • music/
      • (already have this figured out somewhere)
    • documents/
    • family/
      • family-member-a-home/
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